Name Description Size
AndroidAlerts.cpp 4730
AndroidAlerts.h 1290
AndroidBridge.cpp NSS hack -- bionic doesn't handle recursive unloads correctly, because library finalizer functions are called with the dynamic linker lock still held. This results in a deadlock when trying to call dlclose() while we're already inside dlclose(). Conveniently, NSS has an env var that can prevent it from unloading. 13329
AndroidBridge.h 7854
AndroidBridgeUtilities.h 635
AndroidCompositorWidget.cpp 3546
AndroidCompositorWidget.h 2214
AndroidContentController.cpp 2728
AndroidContentController.h 1935
AndroidUiThread.cpp The AndroidUiThread is derived from nsThread so that nsIRunnable objects that get dispatched may be intercepted. Only nsIRunnable objects that need to be synchronously executed are passed into the nsThread to be queued. All other nsIRunnable object are immediately dispatched to the Android UI thread. AndroidUiThread is derived from nsThread instead of being an nsIEventTarget wrapper that contains an nsThread object because if nsIRunnable objects with a delay were dispatch directly to an nsThread object, such as obtained from nsThreadManager::GetCurrentThread(), the nsIRunnable could get stuck in the nsThread nsIRunnable queue. This is due to the fact that Android controls the event loop in the Android UI thread and has no knowledge of when the nsThread needs to be drained. 10754
AndroidUiThread.h 668
AndroidView.h 959
AndroidVsync.cpp Implementation for the AndroidVsync class. 4307
AndroidVsync.h A thread-safe way to listen to vsync notifications on Android. All methods can be called on any thread. Observers must keep a strong reference to the AndroidVsync instance until they unregister themselves. 2319
Base64UtilsSupport.h 1493
components.conf 3877
CompositorWidgetChild.cpp 1394
CompositorWidgetChild.h 1460
CompositorWidgetParent.cpp 1848
CompositorWidgetParent.h 1428
EventDispatcher.cpp 25366
EventDispatcher.h EventDispatcher is the Gecko counterpart to the Java EventDispatcher class. Together, they make up a unified event bus. Events dispatched from the Java side may notify event listeners on the Gecko side, and vice versa. 3554
GeckoBatteryManager.h 864
GeckoEditableSupport.cpp 57867
GeckoEditableSupport.h Rules for managing IME between Gecko and Java: Gecko controls the text content, and Java shadows the Gecko text through text updates Gecko and Java maintain separate selections, and synchronize when needed through selection updates and set-selection events Java controls the composition, and Gecko shadows the Java composition through update composition events 10211
GeckoNetworkManager.h 1458
GeckoProcessManager.cpp static 2429
GeckoProcessManager.h 2642
GeckoSystemStateListener.h 1065
GeckoTelemetryDelegate.h isCategorical 3214
GeckoViewSupport.h GeckoView methods 4476
GeckoVRManager.h 693
GfxInfo.cpp GetD2DEnabled and GetDwriteEnabled shouldn't be called until after gfxPlatform initialization has occurred because they depend on it for information. (See bug 591561) 27783
GfxInfo.h __mozilla_widget_GfxInfo_h__ 4068
ImageDecoderSupport.cpp static 6315
ImageDecoderSupport.h 905
InProcessAndroidCompositorWidget.cpp static 2109
InProcessAndroidCompositorWidget.h 1384
MediaKeysEventSourceFactory.cpp 528 4824
nsAppShell.cpp 24519
nsAppShell.h do something 5792
nsClipboard.cpp The Android clipboard only supports text and doesn't support mime types so we assume all clipboard data is text/plain for now. Documentation indicates that support for other data types is planned for future releases. 5613
nsClipboard.h 519
nsDeviceContextAndroid.cpp 3128
nsDeviceContextAndroid.h 1209
nsIAndroidBridge.idl 1863
nsLookAndFeel.cpp 13703
nsLookAndFeel.h 1846
nsPrintSettingsServiceAndroid.cpp 1299
nsPrintSettingsServiceAndroid.h 673
nsUserIdleServiceAndroid.cpp 455
nsUserIdleServiceAndroid.h 1116
nsWidgetFactory.cpp 651
nsWidgetFactory.h 664
nsWindow.cpp 105201
nsWindow.h 10724
PCompositorWidget.ipdl 779
PlatformWidgetTypes.ipdlh 739
ScreenHelperAndroid.cpp 2476
ScreenHelperAndroid.h ScreenHelperAndroid_h___ 751
SurfaceViewWrapperSupport.h 1231
Telemetry.h 903
WebExecutorSupport.cpp 14672
WebExecutorSupport.h 1118
WindowEvent.h 1712