Name Description Size
cxxalloc.cpp 955
cxxalloc.h We implement the default operators new/delete as part of libmozalloc, replacing their definitions in libstdc++. The operator new* definitions in libmozalloc will never return a NULL pointer. Each operator new immediately below returns a pointer to memory that can be delete'd by any of (1) the matching infallible operator delete immediately below (2) the matching system |operator delete(void*, std::nothrow)| (3) the matching system |operator delete(void*) noexcept(false)| NB: these are declared |noexcept(false)|, though they will never throw that exception. This declaration is consistent with the rule that |::operator new() noexcept(false)| will never return NULL. NB: mozilla::fallible can be used instead of std::nothrow. 2668 1381
mozalloc.cpp 4258
mozalloc.h 6175
mozalloc_abort.cpp On Android, we often don't have reliable backtrace when crashing inside abort(). Therefore, we try to find out who is calling abort() and add that to the message. 3202
mozalloc_abort.h Terminate this process in such a way that breakpad is triggered, if at all possible. Note: MOZ_NORETURN seems to break crash stacks on ARM, so we don't use that annotation there. 803
mozalloc_oom.cpp 1945
mozalloc_oom.h Called when memory is critically low. Returns iff it was able to remedy the critical memory situation; if not, it will abort(). 974
msvc_raise_wrappers.cpp 588
throw_gcc.h 4481