Name Description Size
DrawEventRecorder.cpp 1357
DrawEventRecorder.h Returns whether a recording file is currently open. 4793
ipc 861
nsPagePrintTimer.cpp 6530
nsPagePrintTimer.h nsPagePrintTimer_h___ 2337
nsPrintData.cpp 4459
nsPrintData.h nsPrintData_h___ 1489
nsPrintJob.cpp 84958
nsPrintJob.h A print job may be instantiated either for printing to an actual physical printer, or for creating a print preview. 12136
nsPrintObject.cpp 2833
nsPrintObject.h If aParent is nullptr (default), then this instance will be initialized as a "root" nsPrintObject. Otherwise, this will be a "nested" nsPrintObject. 2758
PrintTranslator.cpp 2419
PrintTranslator.h 5180