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TextDecoder.cpp 3979
TextDecoder.h Decodes incoming byte stream of characters in charset indicated by encoding. The encoding algorithm state is reset if aOptions.mStream is not set. If the fatal flag is set then a decoding error will throw EncodingError. Else the decoder will return a decoded string with replacement character(s) for unidentified character(s). @param aInput, incoming byte stream of characters to be decoded to to UTF-16 code points. @param aStream, indicates if streaming or not. @param aOutDecodedString, decoded string of UTF-16 code points. @param aRv, error result. 3789
TextDecoderStream.cpp 7380
TextDecoderStream.h 2126
TextEncoder.cpp 1844
TextEncoder.h Return the encoding name. @param aEncoding, current encoding. 2079
TextEncoderStream.cpp 8798
TextEncoderStream.h 1900