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AudioChannelService.h We use `AudibleState` to represent the audible state of an owner of audio channel agent. Those information in AudioChannelWindow could help us to determine if a tab is being audible or not, in order to tell Chrome JS to show the sound indicator or delayed autoplay icon on the tab bar. - Sound indicator When a tab is playing sound, we would show the sound indicator on tab bar to tell users that this tab is producing sound now. In addition, the sound indicator also give users an ablility to mute or unmute tab. When an AudioChannelWindow first contains an agent with state `eAudible`, or an AudioChannelWindow losts its last agent with state `eAudible`, we would notify Chrome JS about those changes, to tell them that a tab has been being audible or not, in order to display or remove the indicator for a corresponding tab. - Delayed autoplay icon (Play Tab icon) When we enable delaying autoplay, which is to postpone the autoplay media for unvisited tab until it first goes to foreground, or user click the play tab icon to resume the delayed media. When an AudioChannelWindow first contains an agent with state `eAudible` or `eMaybeAudible`, we would notify Chrome JS about this change, in order to show the delayed autoplay tab icon to user, which is used to notice user there is a media being delayed starting, and then user can click the play tab icon to resume the start of media, or visit that tab to resume delayed media automatically. According to our UX design, we don't show this icon for inaudible media. The reason of showing the icon for a tab, where the agent starts with state `eMaybeAudible`, is because some video might be silent in the beginning but would soon become audible later. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- eNotAudible : agent is not audible eMaybeAudible : agent is not audible now, but it might be audible later eAudible : agent is audible now 8616
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nsIAudioChannelAgent.idl The suspended enum is used for delaying autoplay video in non-visited tab Note: the "remote side" must control the AudioChannelAgent using nsIAudioChannelAgentCallback.windowSuspendChanged() callback instead using play/pause methods or any button in the webpage. - SUSPENDED_BLOCK It's used to prevent auto-playing media in inactive page in order to reduce the power consumption, and the media can't be resumed until the page becomes active again. It would change the internal state of MediaElement when it's being blocked/resumed, so it won't trigger the related JS event. eg. "play" and "pause" event. 4266