Name Description Size
android-ndk.configure 9099
android-sdk.configure 5275
arm.configure 8723
bindgen.configure \ cbindgen version {} is too old. At least version {} is required. Please update using 'cargo install cbindgen --force' or running './mach bootstrap', after removing the existing executable located at {}. 13528
bootstrap.configure 11446
checks.configure An exception to throw from a function decorated with @checking. It will result in calling die() with the given message. Debugging messages emitted from the decorated function will also be printed out. 7738
compile-checks.configure 11460
compilers-util.configure \ int main(void) { %s ; return 0; } 5019
flags.configure 5494
headers.configure 3144
init.configure This cache is used to cache the results of compiler invocations between different runs of configure and save them to the disk, which results in a significant speed up of subsequent configure runs (15%-50%). It is not currently thread safe because it is just a simple dictionary wrapped in a dummy class (ConfigureCache). It could be improved to be thread safe in the future, if we ever make configure parallelized, but for now there is no advantage to doing so. 42130
java.configure 2136
keyfiles.configure 2301
lto-pgo.configure 11663
memory.configure 3518
node.configure Executing `mach bootstrap --no-system-changes` should install a compatible version in ~/.mozbuild on most platforms. If you believe this is a bug, <> is a good way to file. More details: <> 3283
nspr.configure 3889
nss.configure 1026
old.configure 12208
pkg.configure 7607
rust.configure 25954
toolchain.configure 106321
update-programs.configure 5132
util.configure Raise a programming error and terminate configure. Primarily for use in moz.configure templates to sanity check their inputs from moz.configure usage. 17391
warnings.configure 13519
windows.configure 16133