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/* clang-format off */
/* -*- Mode: Objective-C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* clang-format on */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "DocAccessibleWrap.h"
#include "nsObjCExceptions.h"
#include "nsCocoaUtils.h"
#include "nsUnicharUtils.h"
#include "LocalAccessible-inl.h"
#include "nsAccUtils.h"
#include "mozilla/a11y/Role.h"
#include "TextRange.h"
#include "gfxPlatform.h"
#import "MOXLandmarkAccessibles.h"
#import "MOXMathAccessibles.h"
#import "MOXTextMarkerDelegate.h"
#import "MOXWebAreaAccessible.h"
#import "mozAccessible.h"
#import "mozActionElements.h"
#import "mozHTMLAccessible.h"
#import "mozSelectableElements.h"
#import "mozTableAccessible.h"
#import "mozTextAccessible.h"
using namespace mozilla;
using namespace mozilla::a11y;
AccessibleWrap::AccessibleWrap(nsIContent* aContent, DocAccessible* aDoc)
: LocalAccessible(aContent, aDoc),
mNativeInited(false) {
if (aContent && aContent->IsElement() && aDoc) {
// Check if this accessible is a live region and queue it
// it for dispatching an event after it has been inserted.
DocAccessibleWrap* doc = static_cast<DocAccessibleWrap*>(aDoc);
static const dom::Element::AttrValuesArray sLiveRegionValues[] = {
nsGkAtoms::OFF, nsGkAtoms::polite, nsGkAtoms::assertive, nullptr};
int32_t attrValue = nsAccUtils::FindARIAAttrValueIn(
aContent->AsElement(), nsGkAtoms::aria_live, sLiveRegionValues,
if (attrValue == 0) {
// aria-live is "off", do nothing.
} else if (attrValue > 0) {
// aria-live attribute is polite or assertive. It's live!
} else if (const nsRoleMapEntry* roleMap =
aria::GetRoleMap(aContent->AsElement())) {
// aria role defines it as a live region. It's live!
if (roleMap->liveAttRule == ePoliteLiveAttr ||
roleMap->liveAttRule == eAssertiveLiveAttr) {
} else if (nsStaticAtom* value = GetAccService()->MarkupAttribute(
aContent, nsGkAtoms::aria_live)) {
// HTML element defines it as a live region. It's live!
if (value == nsGkAtoms::polite || value == nsGkAtoms::assertive) {
AccessibleWrap::~AccessibleWrap() {}
mozAccessible* AccessibleWrap::GetNativeObject() {
if (!mNativeInited && !mNativeObject) {
// We don't creat OSX accessibles for xul tooltips, defunct accessibles,
// <br> (whitespace) elements, or pruned children.
// To maintain a scripting environment where the XPCOM accessible hierarchy
// look the same on all platforms, we still let the C++ objects be created
// though.
if (!IsXULTooltip() && !IsDefunct() && Role() != roles::WHITESPACE) {
mNativeObject = [[GetNativeType() alloc] initWithAccessible:this];
mNativeInited = true;
return mNativeObject;
void AccessibleWrap::GetNativeInterface(void** aOutInterface) {
*aOutInterface = static_cast<void*>(GetNativeObject());
// overridden in subclasses to create the right kind of object. by default we
// create a generic 'mozAccessible' node.
Class AccessibleWrap::GetNativeType() {
if (IsXULTabpanels()) {
return [mozPaneAccessible class];
if (IsTable()) {
return [mozTableAccessible class];
if (IsTableRow()) {
return [mozTableRowAccessible class];
if (IsTableCell()) {
return [mozTableCellAccessible class];
if (IsDoc()) {
return [MOXWebAreaAccessible class];
return GetTypeFromRole(Role());
// this method is very important. it is fired when an accessible object "dies".
// after this point the object might still be around (because some 3rd party
// still has a ref to it), but it is in fact 'dead'.
void AccessibleWrap::Shutdown() {
// this ensure we will not try to re-create the native object.
mNativeInited = true;
// we really intend to access the member directly.
if (mNativeObject) {
[mNativeObject expire];
[mNativeObject release];
mNativeObject = nil;
nsresult AccessibleWrap::HandleAccEvent(AccEvent* aEvent) {
nsresult rv = LocalAccessible::HandleAccEvent(aEvent);
if (IsDefunct()) {
// The accessible can become defunct after their events are handled.
return NS_OK;
uint32_t eventType = aEvent->GetEventType();
if (eventType == nsIAccessibleEvent::EVENT_SHOW) {
DocAccessibleWrap* doc = static_cast<DocAccessibleWrap*>(Document());
return NS_OK;
// AccessibleWrap protected
Class a11y::GetTypeFromRole(roles::Role aRole) {
switch (aRole) {
case roles::COMBOBOX:
return [mozPopupButtonAccessible class];
case roles::PUSHBUTTON:
return [mozButtonAccessible class];
case roles::PAGETAB:
return [mozTabAccessible class];
case roles::DATE_EDITOR:
return [mozDatePickerAccessible class];
case roles::CHECKBUTTON:
case roles::TOGGLE_BUTTON:
case roles::SWITCH:
case roles::CHECK_MENU_ITEM:
return [mozCheckboxAccessible class];
case roles::RADIOBUTTON:
case roles::RADIO_MENU_ITEM:
return [mozRadioButtonAccessible class];
case roles::SPINBUTTON:
case roles::SLIDER:
return [mozIncrementableAccessible class];
case roles::HEADING:
return [mozHeadingAccessible class];
case roles::PAGETABLIST:
return [mozTabGroupAccessible class];
case roles::ENTRY:
case roles::CAPTION:
case roles::EDITCOMBOBOX:
case roles::PASSWORD_TEXT:
// normal textfield (static or editable)
return [mozTextAccessible class];
case roles::TEXT_LEAF:
case roles::STATICTEXT:
return [mozTextLeafAccessible class];
case roles::LANDMARK:
return [MOXLandmarkAccessible class];
case roles::LINK:
return [mozLinkAccessible class];
case roles::LISTBOX:
return [mozListboxAccessible class];
case roles::LISTITEM:
return [MOXListItemAccessible class];
case roles::OPTION: {
return [mozOptionAccessible class];
case roles::RICH_OPTION: {
return [mozSelectableChildAccessible class];
case roles::COMBOBOX_LIST:
case roles::MENUBAR:
case roles::MENUPOPUP: {
return [mozMenuAccessible class];
case roles::COMBOBOX_OPTION:
case roles::PARENT_MENUITEM:
case roles::MENUITEM: {
return [mozMenuItemAccessible class];
case roles::MATHML_ROOT:
return [MOXMathRootAccessible class];
return [MOXMathSquareRootAccessible class];
case roles::MATHML_FRACTION:
return [MOXMathFractionAccessible class];
case roles::MATHML_SUB:
case roles::MATHML_SUP:
case roles::MATHML_SUB_SUP:
return [MOXMathSubSupAccessible class];
case roles::MATHML_UNDER:
case roles::MATHML_OVER:
case roles::MATHML_UNDER_OVER:
return [MOXMathUnderOverAccessible class];
case roles::OUTLINE:
case roles::TREE_TABLE:
return [mozOutlineAccessible class];
case roles::OUTLINEITEM:
return [mozOutlineRowAccessible class];
return [mozAccessible class];
return nil;