Name Description Size
ia2 1571
nsIAccessibilityService.idl An interface for in-process accessibility clients wishing to get an nsIAccessible for a given DOM node. More documentation at: 3829
nsIAccessible.idl A cross-platform interface that supports platform-specific accessibility APIs like MSAA and ATK. Contains the sum of what's needed to support IAccessible as well as ATK's generic accessibility objects. Can also be used by in-process accessibility clients to get information about objects in the accessible tree. The accessible tree is a subset of nodes in the DOM tree -- such as documents, focusable elements and text. Mozilla creates the implementations of nsIAccessible on demand. See for more information. 11539
nsIAccessibleAnnouncementEvent.idl Fired when announce() is called on the target accessible. 840
nsIAccessibleApplication.idl This interface is implemented by top level accessible object in hierarchy and provides information about application. 927
nsIAccessibleCaretMoveEvent.idl Fired when the caret changes position in text. 888
nsIAccessibleDocument.idl An interface for in-process accessibility clients that wish to retrieve information about a document. When accessibility is turned on in Gecko, there is an nsIAccessibleDocument for each document whether it is XUL, HTML or whatever. You can QueryInterface to nsIAccessibleDocument from the nsIAccessible for the root node of a document or you can get one from nsIAccessible::GetDocument(). 1931
nsIAccessibleEditableText.idl Replaces the text represented by this object by the given text. 1775
nsIAccessibleEvent.idl An interface for accessibility events listened to by in-process accessibility clients, which can be used to find out how to get accessibility and DOM interfaces for the event and its target. To listen to in-process accessibility invents, make your object an nsIObserver, and listen for accessible-event by using code something like this: nsCOMPtr<nsIObserverService> observerService = do_GetService(";1", &rv); if (NS_SUCCEEDED(rv)) rv = observerService->AddObserver(this, "accessible-event", PR_TRUE); 6615
nsIAccessibleHideEvent.idl Fired when a accessible and its subtree are removed from the tree. 901
nsIAccessibleHyperLink.idl A cross-platform interface that supports hyperlink-specific properties and methods. Anchors, image maps, xul:labels with class="text-link" implement this interface. 2750
nsIAccessibleHyperText.idl A cross-platform interface that deals with text which contains hyperlinks. Each link is an embedded object representing exactly 1 character within the hypertext. Current implementation assumes every embedded object is a link. 1713
nsIAccessibleImage.idl Returns the coordinates of the image. @param coordType specifies coordinates origin (for available constants refer to nsIAccessibleCoordinateType) @param x the x coordinate @param y the y coordinate 1006
nsIAccessibleMacInterface.idl A generic NSISupports wrapper for native NSObjects. 2604
nsIAccessibleObjectAttributeChangedEvent.idl Fired when an attribute of an accessible changes. 675
nsIAccessiblePivot.idl The pivot interface encapsulates a reference to a single place in an accessible subtree. The pivot is a point or a range in the accessible tree. This interface provides traversal methods to move the pivot to next/prev state that complies to a given rule. 3841
nsIAccessibleRelation.idl This interface gives access to an accessible's set of relations. 5404
nsIAccessibleRole.idl Defines cross platform (Gecko) roles. 21942
nsIAccessibleScrollingEvent.idl An interface scroll events. Stores new scroll position and max scroll position. 1078
nsIAccessibleSelectable.idl An accessibility interface for selectable widgets. 1486
nsIAccessibleStateChangeEvent.idl Fired when a state of an accessible changes. 857
nsIAccessibleStates.idl MSAA State flags - used for bitfield. More than 1 allowed. 5662
nsIAccessibleTable.idl Return the caption accessible for the table. For example, html:caption element of html:table element. 6989
nsIAccessibleTableChangeEvent.idl Return the row or column index. 639
nsIAccessibleText.idl The current current caret offset. If set < 0 then caret will be placed at the end of the text 9333
nsIAccessibleTextChangeEvent.idl Fired when an accessible's text changes. 896
nsIAccessibleTextLeafRange.idl Find a boundary (word start, line start, etc.) in a specific direction. If no boundary is found, the start/end of the document is returned (depending on the direction). @param aBoundaryType [in] the boundary type to search for @param aDirection [in] search next or previous @param aFlags [in] optional flags for search 1768
nsIAccessibleTextRange.idl A range representing a piece of text in the document. 1734
nsIAccessibleTextSelectionChangeEvent.idl Fired when the caret changes position in text. 696
nsIAccessibleTypes.idl These constants control the scrolling of an object or substring into a window. Note, keep them synchronized with IA2ScrollType. 2475
nsIAccessibleValue.idl Assumptions: The attribute currentValue will throw an exception if it cannot be set i.e. if the value is not a member of the interval. This may not be the 'desired' behaviour given gObject equivalent. Thus it could be changed to be: readonly attribute double currentValue; boolean setCurrentValue (double long value); GValue can represent many basic types. Since this interface is designed to represent an interval and a member of double should cover the cases of char int and float. 1103