Name Description Size
AppWindow.cpp 116278
AppWindow.h 8eaec2f3-ed02-4be2-8e0f-342798477298 15987
components.conf 949
LiveResizeListener.h 696 1084
nsAppShellCID.h 347
nsAppShellService.cpp Implement the nsISupports methods... 30783
nsAppShellService.h 1667
nsAppShellWindowEnumerator.cpp 9990
nsAppShellWindowEnumerator.h 3737
nsChromeTreeOwner.cpp 15890
nsChromeTreeOwner.h nsChromeTreeOwner_h__ 1352
nsContentTreeOwner.cpp 20867
nsContentTreeOwner.h nsIWebBrowserChrome (Get/SetDimensions overlap with nsIBaseWindow) 1828
nsIAppShellService.idl Create a window, which will be initially invisible. @param aParent the parent window. Can be null. @param aUrl the contents of the new window. @param aChromeMask chrome flags affecting the kind of OS border given to the window. see nsIWebBrowserChrome for bit/flag definitions. @param aCallbacks interface providing C++ hooks for window initialization before the window is made visible. Can be null. Deprecated. @param aInitialWidth width, in pixels, of the window. Width of window at creation. Can be overridden by the "width" tag in the XUL. Set to NS_SIZETOCONTENT to force the window to wrap to its contents. @param aInitialHeight like aInitialWidth, but subtly different. 4971
nsIAppWindow.idl The nsIAppWindow When the window is destroyed, it will fire a "xul-window-destroyed" notification through the global observer service. 5351
nsIWindowlessBrowser.idl This interface represents a nsIWebBrowser instance with no associated OS window. Its main function is to manage the lifetimes of those windows. A strong reference to this object must be held until the window is ready to be destroyed. 1377
nsIWindowMediator.idl Return an enumerator which iterates over all windows of type aWindowType from the oldest window to the youngest. @param aWindowType the returned enumerator will enumerate only windows of this type. ("type" is the |windowtype| attribute of the XML <window> element.) If null, all windows will be enumerated. @return an enumerator of nsIDOMWindows. Note that windows close asynchronously in many cases, so windows returned from this enumerator can have .closed set to true. Caveat enumerator! 8577
nsIWindowMediatorListener.idl 546
nsIXULBrowserWindow.idl The nsIXULBrowserWindow supplies the methods that may be called from the internals of the browser area to tell the containing xul window to update its ui. 1655
nsWindowMediator.cpp 23399
nsWindowMediator.h 2311