Name Description Size
FetchPreloader.cpp 12283
FetchPreloader.h 3516
gtest 643
PreloaderBase.cpp 12247
PreloaderBase.h A half-abstract base class that resource loaders' respective channel-listening classes should derive from. Provides a unified API to register the load or preload in a document scoped service, links <link rel="preload"> DOM nodes with the load progress and provides API to possibly consume the data by later, dynamically discovered consumers. This class is designed to be used only on the main thread. 7180
PreloadHashKey.cpp 5971
PreloadHashKey.h This key is used for coalescing and lookup of preloading or regular speculative loads. It consists of: - the resource type, which is the value of the 'as' attribute - the URI of the resource - set of attributes that is common to all resource types - resource-type-specific attributes that we use to distinguish loads that has to be treated separately, some of these attributes may remain at their default values 3506
PreloadService.cpp aFromHeader = 13221
PreloadService.h Intended to scope preloads ( and speculative loads initiated by the parser under one roof. This class is intended to be a member of dom::Document. Provides registration of speculative loads via a `key` which is defined to consist of the URL, resource type, and resource-specific attributes that are further distinguishing loads with otherwise same type and url. 5502