Name Description Size
.eslintrc.js 505
about.js 1081
aboutAbout.html 1003
aboutAbout.js 752
aboutGlean.css 265
aboutGlean.html 4285
aboutGlean.js 5197
aboutLogging.html 4629
aboutLogging.js All the information associated with a logging presets: - `modules` is the list of log modules and option, the same that would have been set as a MOZ_LOG environment variable - l10nIds.label and l10nIds.description are the Ids of the strings that appear in the dropdown selector, and a one-liner describing the purpose of a particular logging preset - profilerPreset is the name of a Firefox Profiler preset [1]. In general, the profiler preset will have the correct set of threads for a particular logging preset, so that all logging statements are recorded in the profile as markers. [1]: The keys of the `presets` object defined in 20511
aboutMozilla.css 699
aboutNetError.mjs eslint-env mozilla/remote-page 51268
aboutNetError.xhtml 6913
aboutNetworking.html 12334
aboutNetworking.js 13477
aboutProfiles.js 10435
aboutProfiles.xhtml 1695
aboutRights-unbranded.xhtml 2151
aboutRights.js 1395
aboutRights.xhtml 3868
aboutServiceWorkers.js 4997
aboutServiceWorkers.xhtml 1604
aboutSupport.js 55000
aboutSupport.xhtml 26237
aboutTelemetry.css This is needed to make the sidebar not hide the last button but breaks printing by hiding overflowing content 5581
aboutTelemetry.js Helper function for determining whether the document direction is RTL. Caches result of check on first invocation. 77797
aboutTelemetry.xhtml 9624
aboutUrlClassifier.css 665
aboutUrlClassifier.js Search 21219
aboutUrlClassifier.xhtml 6254
autocomplete.css Apply crisp rendering for favicons at exactly 2dppx resolution 695
buildconfig.css 304
buildconfig.html Build Configuration 2218
contentAreaUtils.js 39068
customElements.js globals MozXULElement, MozHTMLElement, MozElements 30578
datepicker.xhtml 2629 1203
editMenuOverlay.js 5186 747
globalOverlay.js 3904
gmp-sources 7341
license.html Licenses 302747
macWindowMenu.js 397 7704
mozilla.html 786
plugins.css ===== plugins.css ===================================================== == Styles used by the about:plugins page. ======================================================================= 1330
plugins.html 974
plugins.js eslint-env mozilla/remote-page 4601
preferencesBindings.js 19364
process-content.js eslint-env mozilla/process-script 711
resetProfile.css 291
resetProfile.js 776
resetProfile.xhtml 1906
resetProfileProgress.xhtml 936
timepicker.xhtml Time Picker 1348
TopLevelVideoDocument.js 2292
treeUtils.js 2233
viewZoomOverlay.js Document Zoom Management Code To use this, you'll need to have a global gBrowser variable or use the methods that accept a browser to be modified. 3404
widgets.css ===== widgets.css ===================================================== == Styles ported from XBL <resources>, loaded by "global.css". ======================================================================= 1291
xul.css Rules for everything related to XUL except scrollbars can be found in this file. This file should also not contain any app specific styling. Defaults for widgets of a particular application should be in that application's style sheet. For example, style definitions for browser can be found in browser.css. 17097