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CMakeLists.txt 834 5223 Decodes JPEG XL image to floating point pixels and ICC Profile. Pixel are stored as floating point, as interleaved RGBA (4 floating point values per pixel), line per line from top to bottom. Pixel values have nominal range 0..1 but may go beyond this range for HDR or wide gamut. The ICC profile describes the color format of the pixel data. 8494 Decodes JPEG XL image to 8-bit integer RGBA pixels and an ICC Profile, in a progressive way, saving the intermediate steps. 7826 Reads from .pfm file (Portable FloatMap) @param filename name of the file to read @param pixels vector to fill with loaded pixels as 32-bit floating point with 3-channel RGB @param xsize set to width of loaded image @param ysize set to height of loaded image 8558
examples.cmake 578