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# This files lists individuals who made significant contributions to the JPEG XL
# code base, such as design, adding features, performing experiments, ...
# Small changes such as a small bugfix or fixing spelling errors are not
# included. If you'd like to be included in this file thanks to a significant
# contribution, feel free to send a pull request changing this file.
Alex Deymo
Alexander Rhatushnyak
Evgenii Kliuchnikov
Iulia-Maria Comșa
Jan Wassenberg
Jon Sneyers
Jyrki Alakuijala
Krzysztof Potempa
Lode Vandevenne
Luca Versari
Martin Bruse
Moritz Firsching
Renata Khasanova
Robert Obryk
Sami Boukortt
Sebastian Gomez-Gonzalez
Thomas Fischbacher
Zoltan Szabadka