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## Disclaimer
OSX builds have "best effort" support, i.e. build might not work at all, some
tests may fail and some sub-projects are excluded from build.
This manual outlines OSX specific setup. For general building and testing
instructions see "[BUILDING](" and
"[Building and Testing changes](doc/".
[Homebrew]( is a popular package manager. JPEG XL library and
binaries could be installed using it:
brew install jpeg-xl
## Dependencies
Make sure that `brew doctor` does not report serious problems and up-to-date
version of XCode is installed.
Installing (actually, building) `clang` might take a couple hours.
brew install llvm
brew install coreutils cmake giflib jpeg-turbo libpng ninja zlib
Before building the project check that `which clang` is
`/usr/local/opt/llvm/bin/clang`, not the one provided by XCode. If not, update
`PATH` environment variable.
Also, setting `CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH` might be necessary for correct include paths
resolving, e.g.:
export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=`brew --prefix giflib`:`brew --prefix jpeg-turbo`:`brew --prefix libpng`:`brew --prefix zlib`