Name Description Size
Attachments.sys.mjs @returns {object} The attachment record, if found. null otherwise. 17637
components.conf 566
Database.sys.mjs Database is a tiny wrapper with the objective of providing major kinto-offline-client collection API. (with the objective of getting rid of kinto-offline-client) 19285
IDBHelpers.jsm Wrap IndexedDB errors to catch them more easily. 7080 892
remote-settings.sys.mjs Default entry filtering function, in charge of excluding remote settings entries where the JEXL expression evaluates into a falsy value. @param {Object} entry The Remote Settings entry to be excluded or kept. @param {ClientEnvironment} environment Information about version, language, platform etc. @returns {?Object} the entry or null if excluded. 21480
RemoteSettingsClient.sys.mjs cacheProxy returns an object Proxy that will memoize properties of the target. @param {Object} target the object to wrap. @returns {Proxy} 44646
RemoteSettingsComponents.sys.mjs 838
RemoteSettingsWorker.js eslint-env mozilla/chrome-worker 6358
RemoteSettingsWorker.sys.mjs Interface to a dedicated thread handling for Remote Settings heavy operations. 7329
servicesSettings.manifest 491
SharedUtils.jsm Common logic shared by RemoteSettingsWorker.js (Worker) and the main thread. 1851
SyncHistory.sys.mjs A helper to keep track of synchronization statuses. We rely on a different storage backend than for storing Remote Settings data, because the eventual goal is to be able to detect `IndexedDB` issues and act accordingly. 3859
Utils.sys.mjs Logger instance. 15138