Name Description Size
AppInfo.sys.mjs Extends Services.appinfo with further properties that are used by different protocols as handled by the Remote Agent. @typedef {object} RemoteAgent.AppInfo @property {boolean} isAndroid - Whether the application runs on Android. @property {boolean} isLinux - Whether the application runs on Linux. @property {boolean} isMac - Whether the application runs on Mac OS. @property {boolean} isWindows - Whether the application runs on Windows. @property {boolean} isFirefox - Whether the application is Firefox. @property {boolean} isThunderbird - Whether the application is Thunderbird. @since 88 1932
Capture.sys.mjs Provides primitives to capture screenshots. @namespace 6085
Format.sys.mjs Pretty-print values passed to template strings. Usage:: let bool = {value: true}; pprint`Expected boolean, got ${bool}`; => 'Expected boolean, got [object Object] {"value": true}' let htmlElement = document.querySelector("input#foo"); pprint`Expected element ${htmlElement}`; => 'Expected element <input id="foo" class="bar baz" type="input">' pprint`Current window: ${window}`; => '[object Window]' 4946
Log.sys.mjs E10s compatible wrapper for the standard logger from Log.sys.mjs. 2684
MobileTabBrowser.sys.mjs Create a new tab. @param {string} uriString The URI string to load within the newly opened tab. @returns {Promise<Tab>} The created tab. @throws {Error} Throws an error if the tab cannot be created. 2193 627
Navigate.sys.mjs Wait until the initial load of the given WebProgress is done. @param {WebProgress} webProgress The WebProgress instance to observe. @param {object=} options @param {boolean=} options.resolveWhenStarted Flag to indicate that the Promise has to be resolved when the page load has been started. Otherwise wait until the page has finished loading. Defaults to `false`. @returns {Promise} Promise which resolves when the page load is in the expected state. Values as returned: - {nsIURI} currentURI The current URI of the page - {nsIURI} targetURI Target URI of the navigation 13065
PDF.sys.mjs Convert array of strings of the form ["1-3", "2-4", "7", "9-"] to an flat array of limits, like [1, 4, 7, 7, 9, 2**31 - 1] (meaning 1-4, 7, 9-end) @param {Array.<string|number>} ranges Page ranges to print, e.g., ['1-5', '8', '11-13']. Defaults to the empty string, which means print all pages. @returns {Array.<number>} Even-length array containing page range limits 7122
Realm.sys.mjs @typedef {string} RealmType 8797
RecommendedPreferences.sys.mjs 14032
RemoteError.sys.mjs Base class for all remote protocol errors. 494
Stack.sys.mjs An object that contains details of a stack frame. @typedef {object} StackFrame @see nsIStackFrame @property {string=} asyncCause Type of asynchronous call by which this frame was invoked. @property {number} columnNumber The column number for this stack frame. @property {string} filename The source URL for this stack frame. @property {string} function SpiderMonkey’s inferred name for this stack frame’s function, or null. @property {number} lineNumber The line number for this stack frame (starts with 1). @property {number} sourceId The process-unique internal integer ID of this source. 2032
Sync.sys.mjs Throttle until the `window` has performed an animation frame. @param {ChromeWindow} win Window to request the animation frame from. @returns {Promise} 9752
TabManager.sys.mjs Retrieve all the browser elements from tabs as contained in open windows. @returns {Array<XULBrowser>} All the found <xul:browser>s. Will return an empty array if no windows and tabs can be found. 9666
WebSocketConnection.sys.mjs @param {WebSocket} webSocket The WebSocket server connection to wrap. @param {Connection} httpdConnection Reference to the httpd.js's connection needed for clean-up. 3668
WindowManager.sys.mjs Provides helpers to interact with Window objects. @class WindowManager 8893