Name Description Size 1263
nsIWifiAccessPoint.idl The mac address of the WiFi node. The format of this string is: XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX 1116
nsIWifiListener.idl Called when the list of access points changes. @param accessPoints An array of nsIWifiAccessPoint representing all access points in view. 842
nsIWifiMonitor.idl startWatching aListener will be called once, then each time the list of wifi access points change. 668
nsWifiAccessPoint.cpp 2214
nsWifiAccessPoint.h 2056
nsWifiMonitor.cpp 7641
nsWifiMonitor.h seconds 2132
nsWifiScannerDBus.cpp 10910
nsWifiScannerDBus.h 1384
nsWifiScannerFreeBSD.cpp 4696
nsWifiScannerMac.cpp 1485
nsWifiScannerSolaris.cpp 4056
nsWifiScannerWin.cpp `nsWifiMonitor` is declared in the cross-platform nsWifiMonitor.h and is mostly defined in the cross-platform nsWifiMonitor.cpp. This function is implemented in various platform-specific files but the implementation is almost identical in each file. We relegate the Windows-specific work to the `WinWifiScanner` class and deal with non-Windows-specific issues like calling listeners here. Hopefully this file can be merged with the other implementations of `nsWifiMonitor::DoScan` since a lot of the code is identical 2038 2983
osx_wifi.h 5511
win_wifiScanner.cpp 6184
win_wifiScanner.h GetAccessPointsFromWLAN Scans the available wireless interfaces for nearby access points and populates the supplied collection with them @param accessPoints The collection to populate with available APs @return NS_OK on success, failure codes on failure 888
win_wlanLibrary.cpp 3681
win_wlanLibrary.h 1826