Name Description Size 258 109890 7328 5016
mathml.css / /* namespace for MathML elements 10700 1565
nsMathMLAtoms.h nsMathMLAtoms_h___ 438
nsMathMLChar.cpp 87930
nsMathMLChar.h 8457
nsMathMLContainerFrame.cpp ///////////// nsIMathMLFrame - support methods for stretchy elements ============================================================================= 60366
nsMathMLContainerFrame.h Base class for MathML container frames. It acts like an inferred mrow. By default, this frame uses its Reflow() method to lay its children horizontally and ensure that their baselines are aligned. The Reflow() method relies upon Place() to position children. By overloading Place() in derived classes, it is therefore possible to position children in various customized ways. 23104
nsMathMLFrame.cpp static 13819
nsMathMLFrame.h 11441
nsMathMLmactionFrame.cpp 10524
nsMathMLmactionFrame.h nsMathMLmactionFrame_h___ 2206
nsMathMLmencloseFrame.cpp Add a notation to draw, if the argument is the name of a known notation. @param aNotation string name of a notation 29683
nsMathMLmencloseFrame.h The MathML REC describes: The menclose element renders its content inside the enclosing notation specified by its notation attribute. menclose accepts any number of arguments; if this number is not 1, its contents are treated as a single "inferred mrow" containing its arguments, as described in Section 3.1.3 Required Arguments. 3842
nsMathMLmfracFrame.cpp virtual 14476
nsMathMLmfracFrame.h The MathML REC describes: The <mfrac> element is used for fractions. It can also be used to mark up fraction-like objects such as binomial coefficients and Legendre symbols. The syntax for <mfrac> is: <mfrac> numerator denominator </mfrac> Attributes of <mfrac>: Name values default linethickness number [ v-unit ] | thin | medium | thick 1 E.g., linethickness=2 actually means that linethickness=2*DEFAULT_THICKNESS (DEFAULT_THICKNESS is not specified by MathML, see below.) The linethickness attribute indicates the thickness of the horizontal "fraction bar", or "rule", typically used to render fractions. A fraction with linethickness="0" renders without the bar, and might be used within binomial coefficients. A linethickness greater than one might be used with nested fractions. In general, the value of linethickness can be a number, as a multiplier of the default thickness of the fraction bar (the default thickness is not specified by MathML), or a number with a unit of vertical length (see Section 2.3.3), or one of the keywords medium (same as 1), thin (thinner than 1, otherwise up to the renderer), or thick (thicker than 1, otherwise up to the renderer). The <mfrac> element sets displaystyle to "false", or if it was already false increments scriptlevel by 1, within numerator and denominator. These attributes are inherited by every element from its rendering environment, but can be set explicitly only on the <mstyle> element. 4327
nsMathMLmmultiscriptsFrame.cpp virtual 24956
nsMathMLmmultiscriptsFrame.h nsMathMLmmultiscriptsFrame_h___ 2018
nsMathMLmoFrame.cpp 43428
nsMathMLmoFrame.h nsMathMLmoFrame_h___ 3306
nsMathMLmpaddedFrame.cpp parse the attributes width = [+|-] unsigned-number (% [pseudo-unit] | pseudo-unit | h-unit | namedspace) height = [+|-] unsigned-number (% [pseudo-unit] | pseudo-unit | v-unit | namedspace) depth = [+|-] unsigned-number (% [pseudo-unit] | pseudo-unit | v-unit | namedspace) lspace = [+|-] unsigned-number (% [pseudo-unit] | pseudo-unit | h-unit | namedspace) voffset= [+|-] unsigned-number (% [pseudo-unit] | pseudo-unit | v-unit | namedspace) 15944
nsMathMLmpaddedFrame.h nsMathMLmpaddedFrame_h___ 3040
nsMathMLmrootFrame.cpp 15033
nsMathMLmrootFrame.h nsMathMLmrootFrame_h___ 2181
nsMathMLmrowFrame.cpp virtual 2395
nsMathMLmrowFrame.h nsMathMLmrowFrame_h___ 1901
nsMathMLmspaceFrame.cpp virtual 4349
nsMathMLmspaceFrame.h nsMathMLmspaceFrame_h___ 1898
nsMathMLmsqrtFrame.cpp 1815
nsMathMLmsqrtFrame.h The MathML REC describes: The <msqrt> element is used to display square roots. The syntax for <msqrt> is: <msqrt> base </msqrt> Attributes of <msqrt> and <mroot>: None (except the attributes allowed for all MathML elements, listed in Section 2.3.4). The <mroot> element increments scriptlevel by 2, and sets displaystyle to "false", within index, but leaves both attributes unchanged within base. The <msqrt> element leaves both attributes unchanged within all its arguments. These attributes are inherited by every element from its rendering environment, but can be set explicitly only on <mstyle>. (See Section 3.3.4.) 2302
nsMathMLmtableFrame.cpp 43935
nsMathMLmtableFrame.h helper to get the column spacing style value 10271
nsMathMLmunderoverFrame.cpp 27691
nsMathMLmunderoverFrame.h nsMathMLmunderoverFrame_h___ 3047
nsMathMLOperators.cpp 14824
nsMathMLOperators.h 6965
nsMathMLParts.h nsMathMLParts_h___ 3979
nsMathMLSelectedFrame.cpp virtual 6954
nsMathMLSelectedFrame.h nsMathMLSelectedFrame_h___ 2042
nsMathMLsemanticsFrame.cpp 4543
nsMathMLsemanticsFrame.h nsMathMLsemanticsFrame_h___ 1203
nsMathMLTokenFrame.cpp 7576
nsMathMLTokenFrame.h nsMathMLTokentFrame_h___ 2322
operatorDictionary.xsl 1930
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