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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef mozilla_image_FrozenImage_h
#define mozilla_image_FrozenImage_h
#include "ImageWrapper.h"
#include "mozilla/gfx/2D.h"
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
namespace mozilla {
namespace image {
* An Image wrapper that disables animation, freezing the image at its first
* frame. It does this using two strategies. If this is the only instance of the
* image, animation will never start, because IncrementAnimationConsumers is
* ignored. If there is another instance that is animated, that's still OK,
* because any imgIContainer method that is affected by animation gets its
* aWhichFrame argument set to FRAME_FIRST when it passes through FrozenImage.
* XXX(seth): There a known (performance, not correctness) issue with
* GetImageContainer. See the comments for that method for more information.
class FrozenImage : public ImageWrapper {
typedef gfx::SourceSurface SourceSurface;
virtual void IncrementAnimationConsumers() override;
virtual void DecrementAnimationConsumers() override;
bool IsNonAnimated() const;
NS_IMETHOD GetAnimated(bool* aAnimated) override;
GetFrame(uint32_t aWhichFrame, uint32_t aFlags) override;
GetFrameAtSize(const gfx::IntSize& aSize, uint32_t aWhichFrame,
uint32_t aFlags) override;
IsImageContainerAvailable(WindowRenderer* aRenderer,
uint32_t aFlags) override;
GetImageProvider(WindowRenderer* aRenderer, const gfx::IntSize& aSize,
const SVGImageContext& aSVGContext,
const Maybe<ImageIntRegion>& aRegion, uint32_t aFlags,
WebRenderImageProvider** aProvider) override;
Draw(gfxContext* aContext, const nsIntSize& aSize, const ImageRegion& aRegion,
uint32_t aWhichFrame, gfx::SamplingFilter aSamplingFilter,
const SVGImageContext& aSVGContext, uint32_t aFlags,
float aOpacity) override;
NS_IMETHOD StartDecoding(uint32_t aFlags, uint32_t aWhichFrame) override;
StartDecodingWithResult(uint32_t aFlags, uint32_t aWhichFrame) override;
HasDecodedPixels() override;
RequestDecodeWithResult(uint32_t aFlags, uint32_t aWhichFrame) override;
NS_IMETHOD RequestDecodeForSize(const nsIntSize& aSize, uint32_t aFlags,
uint32_t aWhichFrame) override;
NS_IMETHOD_(void) RequestRefresh(const TimeStamp& aTime) override;
NS_IMETHOD GetAnimationMode(uint16_t* aAnimationMode) override;
NS_IMETHOD SetAnimationMode(uint16_t aAnimationMode) override;
NS_IMETHOD ResetAnimation() override;
NS_IMETHOD_(float) GetFrameIndex(uint32_t aWhichFrame) override;
explicit FrozenImage(Image* aImage) : ImageWrapper(aImage) {}
virtual ~FrozenImage() {}
friend class ImageOps;
} // namespace image
} // namespace mozilla
#endif // mozilla_image_FrozenImage_h