Name Description Size
components.conf 589
FxROutputHandler.cpp aRequiresMutex 3515
FxROutputHandler.h 977
FxRWindowManager.cpp 1589
FxRWindowManager.h 1038
gfxVR.cpp 3129
gfxVR.h 5508
gfxVRMutex.h GFX_VR_MUTEX_H 1672
ipc 2499
nsFxrCommandLineHandler.cpp aRequiresMutex 5550
nsFxrCommandLineHandler.h !defined(GFX_VR_nsFxrCommandLineHandler_h_) 1199
VRDisplayClient.cpp 28147
VRDisplayClient.h mSessions is cleared in VRDisplayClient::SessionEnded. SessionEnded is guaranteed to be called by every XRSession when it is shutdown explicitly with the WebXR XRSession.end call, when all JS references on the XRSession are released, or when the window is closed. 3114
VRDisplayPresentation.cpp We ignore layers with an incorrect number of values. In the future, VRDisplay.requestPresent may throw in this case. See 4926
VRDisplayPresentation.h GFX_VR_DISPLAY_PRESENTAITON_H 1386
VRManager.cpp When VR content is active, we run the tasks at 1ms intervals, enabling multiple events to be processed per frame, such as haptic feedback pulses. 50412
VRManager.h 6702
VRPuppetCommandBuffer.cpp static 17869
VRPuppetCommandBuffer.h 8291
VRServiceHost.cpp static 9527
VRServiceHost.h VRServiceHost is allocated as a singleton in the GPU process. It is responsible for allocating VRService either within the GPU process or in the VR process. When the VR process is enabled, it maintains the state of the VR process, starting and stopping it as needed. VRServiceHost provides an interface that enables communication of the VRService in the same way regardless of it running within the GPU process or the VR process. 3355
VRShMem.cpp For mode constants 23266
VRShMem.h 4063
VRThread.cpp 3650
VRThread.h 1190