Name Description Size
ChromeObserver.cpp 6511
ChromeObserver.h 1171
MenuBarListener.cpp 16572
MenuBarListener.h Given a key event for an Alt+shortcut combination, return the menu, if any, that would be opened. If aPeek is false, then play a beep and deactivate the menubar on Windows. 2564 2148
nsIBrowserController.idl This interface is used to accompany the nsIController for a <browser> element. It is used to update the commands in the parent process when the set of child command have changed. 864
nsIController.idl Enhanced controller interface that allows for passing of parameters to commands. 1085
nsIControllers.idl Return an ID for this controller which is unique to this nsIControllers. 1203
nsXULCommandDispatcher.cpp This file provides the implementation for the XUL Command Dispatcher. 13460
nsXULCommandDispatcher.h This is the focus manager for XUL documents. 2126
nsXULContentSink.cpp An implementation for a Gecko-style content sink that knows how to build a content model (the "prototype" document) from XUL. For more information on XUL, see 25951
nsXULContentSink.h Initialize the content sink, giving it a document with which to communicate with the outside world, and an nsXULPrototypeDocument to build. 4535
nsXULContentUtils.cpp A package of routines shared by the XUL content code. 2595
nsXULContentUtils.h A package of routines shared by the XUL content code. 1100
nsXULControllers.cpp This file provides the implementation for the XUL "controllers" object. 6731
nsXULControllers.h The XUL "controllers" object. 1317
nsXULElement.cpp 70661
nsXULElement.h The base XUL element class and associates. 18821
nsXULPopupListener.cpp This file provides the implementation for xul popup listener which tracks xul popups and context menus 9681
nsXULPopupListener.h This is the popup listener implementation for popup menus and context menus. 1824
nsXULPrototypeCache.cpp static 15476
nsXULPrototypeCache.h The XUL prototype cache can be used to store and retrieve shared data for XUL documents, style sheets, XBL, and scripts. The cache has two levels: 1. In-memory hashtables 2. The on-disk cache file. 5144
nsXULPrototypeDocument.cpp 14761
nsXULPrototypeDocument.h A "prototype" document that stores shared document information for the XUL cache. Among other things, stores the tree of nsXULPrototype* objects, from which the real DOM tree is built later in PrototypeDocumentContentSink::ResumeWalk. 3884
nsXULSortService.cpp This file provides the implementation for the sort service manager. 13388
nsXULSortService.h This sort service is used to sort content by attribute. 1387
XULBroadcastManager.cpp static 20506
XULBroadcastManager.h Checks whether an element uses any of the special broadcaster attributes or is an observes element. This mimics the logic in FindBroadcaster, but is intended to be a lighter weight check and doesn't actually guarantee that the element will need a listener. 3249
XULButtonElement.cpp 26168
XULButtonElement.h 4369
XULFrameElement.cpp 6486
XULFrameElement.h 2751
XULMenuBarElement.cpp 3485
XULMenuBarElement.h 1866
XULMenuElement.cpp 2500
XULMenuElement.h 1176
XULMenuParentElement.cpp 13155
XULMenuParentElement.h 2742
XULPersist.cpp 7418
XULPersist.h 1397
XULPopupElement.cpp 11328
XULPopupElement.h 3668
XULResizerElement.cpp 12033
XULResizerElement.h 2036
XULTextElement.cpp 1906
XULTextElement.h 1780
XULTooltipElement.cpp 4279
XULTooltipElement.h 1167
XULTreeElement.cpp 10816
XULTreeElement.h unused 3769