Name Description Size
BackgroundSessionStorageServiceParent.cpp 927
BackgroundSessionStorageServiceParent.h 1019
components.conf 605
LocalStorage.cpp aStorage 6190
LocalStorage.h 2643
LocalStorageCache.cpp stabilize 17907
LocalStorageCache.h 11917
LocalStorageManager.cpp 14216
LocalStorageManager.h 4963 1915
nsISessionStorageService.idl Removes all storages stored for the given principal. @param aPrincipal A principal for the origin whose storages are to be cleared. 729
PartitionedLocalStorage.cpp 3939
PartitionedLocalStorage.h 2123
PBackgroundLocalStorageCache.ipdl 1281
PBackgroundSessionStorageCache.ipdl Union of SessionStorage mutation types. 1771
PBackgroundSessionStorageManager.ipdl 998
PBackgroundSessionStorageService.ipdl 532
PBackgroundStorage.ipdl This protocol bridges async access to the database thread running on the parent process and caches running on the child process. 2578
PSessionStorageObserver.ipdl Protocol used to relay chrome observer notifications related to clearing data to SessionStorageManager instances in content processes. A single instance is created by each content process when LocalStorage NextGen is enabled. When LSNG is disabled, the notifications are instead propagated via PBackgroundStorageChild. This does mean there are potentially slight ordering differences in when the notification will be received and processed. It's okay for this protocol to be managed by PContent rather than PBackground because these notifications are both rare and to-child-only. (Legacy LocalStorage was moved to PBackground from PContent because of parent-process main-thread contention for the processing of "parent:" messages in a very performance-sensitive context!) 1514
SessionStorage.cpp 6894
SessionStorage.h 2680
SessionStorageCache.cpp 8319
SessionStorageCache.h Coalescing manipulation queue used by `SessionStorageCache`. Used by `SessionStorageCache` to buffer and coalesce manipulations before they are sent to the parent process. 2602
SessionStorageManager.cpp 29048
SessionStorageManager.h 11084
SessionStorageObserver.cpp 1431
SessionStorageObserver.h Effectively just a refcounted life-cycle management wrapper around SessionStorageObserverChild which exists to receive chrome observer notifications from the main process. ## Lifecycle ## - Created by SessionStorageManager::SessionStorageManager. Placed in the gSessionStorageObserver variable for subsequent SessionStorageManager's via SessionStorageObserver::Get lookup. - The SessionStorageObserverChild directly handles "Observe" messages, shunting them directly to StorageObserver::Notify which distributes them to individual observer sinks. - Destroyed when refcount goes to zero due to all owning SessionStorageManager being destroyed. 1881
SessionStorageService.cpp aWhy 3556
Storage.cpp static 4912
Storage.h 6643
StorageActivityService.cpp 24 hours 8305
StorageActivityService.h 1784
StorageCommon.h 575
StorageDBThread.cpp 50235
StorageDBThread.h 17253
StorageDBUpdater.cpp 17213
StorageDBUpdater.h 778
StorageIPC.cpp aStorage 46866
StorageIPC.h NO-OP on the child process otherwise 22613
StorageNotifierService.cpp static 4114
StorageNotifierService.h Enables the StorageNotifierService to check whether an observer is interested in receiving events for the given principal before calling the method, an optimization refactoring. Expected to only be implemented by nsGlobalWindowObserver or its succesor. 2448
StorageObserver.cpp 14549
StorageObserver.h 2621
StorageUtils.cpp 3397
StorageUtils.h 943