Name Description Size
FetchEventOpChild.cpp 22482
FetchEventOpChild.h FetchEventOpChild represents an in-flight FetchEvent operation. 3407
FetchEventOpParent.cpp 3358
FetchEventOpParent.h 2454
FetchEventOpProxyChild.cpp 9604
FetchEventOpProxyChild.h 2496
FetchEventOpProxyParent.cpp static 7910
FetchEventOpProxyParent.h FetchEventOpProxyParent owns a FetchEventOpParent in order to propagate the respondWith() value by directly calling SendRespondWith on the FetchEventOpParent, but the call to Send__delete__ is handled via MozPromise. This is done because this actor may only be created after its managing PRemoteWorker is created, which is asynchronous and may fail. We take on responsibility for the promise once we are created, but we may not be created if the RemoteWorker is never successfully launched. 2650
IPCNavigationPreloadState.ipdlh 488
IPCServiceWorkerDescriptor.ipdlh 910
IPCServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor.ipdlh 1833 3906
NavigationPreloadManager.cpp static 4368
NavigationPreloadManager.h 2048
PFetchEventOp.ipdl 954
PFetchEventOpProxy.ipdl 921
PServiceWorker.ipdl 599
PServiceWorkerContainer.ipdl 1266
PServiceWorkerManager.ipdl 760
PServiceWorkerRegistration.ipdl 1176
ServiceWorker.cpp } else { RefPtr<ServiceWorker> self = this; GetRegistration( [self = std::move(self)]( const ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor& aDescriptor) { nsIGlobalObject* global = self->GetParentObject(); NS_ENSURE_TRUE_VOID(global); RefPtr<ServiceWorkerRegistration> reg = global->GetOrCreateServiceWorkerRegistration(aDescriptor); self->MaybeAttachToRegistration(reg); }, [](ErrorResult&& aRv) { // do nothing aRv.SuppressException(); }); 10554
ServiceWorker.h 2869
ServiceWorkerActors.cpp 1335
ServiceWorkerActors.h 1154
ServiceWorkerChild.cpp 1895
ServiceWorkerChild.h 1170
ServiceWorkerCloneData.cpp 2375
ServiceWorkerCloneData.h 2553
ServiceWorkerContainer.cpp 29003
ServiceWorkerContainer.h 5062
ServiceWorkerContainerChild.cpp 2062
ServiceWorkerContainerChild.h 1392
ServiceWorkerContainerParent.cpp 3974
ServiceWorkerContainerParent.h 1832
ServiceWorkerContainerProxy.cpp 5093
ServiceWorkerContainerProxy.h 1536
ServiceWorkerDescriptor.cpp 4525
ServiceWorkerDescriptor.h 3381
ServiceWorkerEvents.cpp static 43745
ServiceWorkerEvents.h 9698
ServiceWorkerInfo.cpp 9803
ServiceWorkerInfo.h Wherever the spec treats a worker instance and a description of said worker as the same thing; i.e. "Resolve foo with _GetNewestWorker(serviceWorkerRegistration)", we represent the description by this class and spawn a ServiceWorker in the right global when required. 5579
ServiceWorkerInterceptController.cpp allowIfInheritsPrincipal 5743
ServiceWorkerInterceptController.h 809
ServiceWorkerIPCUtils.h 1248
ServiceWorkerJob.cpp 7294
ServiceWorkerJob.h 4432
ServiceWorkerJobQueue.cpp 3437
ServiceWorkerJobQueue.h 949
ServiceWorkerManager.cpp 111321
ServiceWorkerManager.h f4f8755a-69ca-46e8-a65d-775745535990 17125
ServiceWorkerManagerChild.h 1126
ServiceWorkerManagerParent.cpp 3776
ServiceWorkerManagerParent.h 1468
ServiceWorkerOp.cpp ExtendableEvent::ExtensionsHandler interface 63397
ServiceWorkerOp.h This must be called once and only once before the first call to `MaybeStart()`; `aActor` will be used for `AsyncLog()` and `ReportCanceled().` 6715
ServiceWorkerOpArgs.ipdlh ServiceWorkerOpArgs 5082
ServiceWorkerOpPromise.h 1699
ServiceWorkerParent.cpp 1833
ServiceWorkerParent.h 1247
ServiceWorkerPrivate.cpp KeepAliveToken 58664
ServiceWorkerPrivate.h 12917
ServiceWorkerProxy.cpp 3864
ServiceWorkerProxy.h 1657
ServiceWorkerQuotaUtils.cpp QuotaUsageChecker implements the quota usage checking algorithm. 1. Getting the given origin/group usage through QuotaManagerService. QuotaUsageCheck::Start() implements this step. 2. Checking if the group usage headroom is satisfied. It could be following three situations. a. Group headroom is satisfied without any usage mitigation. b. Group headroom is satisfied after origin usage mitigation. This invokes nsIClearDataService::DeleteDataFromPrincipal(). c. Group headroom is satisfied after group usage mitigation. This invokes nsIClearDataService::DeleteDataFromBaseDomain(). QuotaUsageChecker::CheckQuotaHeadroom() implements this step. If the algorithm is done or error out, the QuotaUsageCheck::mCallback will be called with a bool result for external handling. 9408
ServiceWorkerQuotaUtils.h 765
ServiceWorkerRegisterJob.cpp 1857
ServiceWorkerRegisterJob.h 1246
ServiceWorkerRegistrar.cpp static 44652
ServiceWorkerRegistrar.h 3297
ServiceWorkerRegistrarTypes.ipdlh 837
ServiceWorkerRegistration.cpp static 23393
ServiceWorkerRegistration.h 5573
ServiceWorkerRegistrationChild.cpp 2558
ServiceWorkerRegistrationChild.h 1608
ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor.cpp 8572
ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor.h 3403
ServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo.cpp 27737
ServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo.h 8464
ServiceWorkerRegistrationListener.h mozilla_dom_ServiceWorkerRegistrationListener_h 1168
ServiceWorkerRegistrationParent.cpp 4279
ServiceWorkerRegistrationParent.h 1949
ServiceWorkerRegistrationProxy.cpp 15456
ServiceWorkerRegistrationProxy.h 2816
ServiceWorkerScriptCache.cpp force trusted origin 44755
ServiceWorkerScriptCache.h If there is an error, ignore aInCacheAndEqual and aNewCacheName. On success, if the cached result and network result matched, aInCacheAndEqual will be true and no new cache name is passed, otherwise use the new cache name to load the ServiceWorker. 1823
ServiceWorkerShutdownBlocker.cpp static 8341
ServiceWorkerShutdownBlocker.h Main thread only. A ServiceWorkerShutdownBlocker will "accept promises", and each of these promises will be a "pending promise" while it hasn't settled. At some point, `StopAcceptingPromises()` should be called and the state will change to "not accepting promises" (this is a one way state transition). The shutdown phase of the shutdown client the blocker is created with will be blocked until there are no more pending promises. It doesn't matter whether the state changes to "not accepting promises" before or during the associated shutdown phase. In beta/release builds there will be an additional timer that starts ticking once both the shutdown phase has been reached and the state is "not accepting promises". If when the timer expire there are still pending promises, shutdown will be forcefully unblocked. 5329
ServiceWorkerShutdownState.cpp 5271
ServiceWorkerShutdownState.h 1777
ServiceWorkerUnregisterCallback.cpp 1080
ServiceWorkerUnregisterCallback.h 1142
ServiceWorkerUnregisterJob.cpp 4222
ServiceWorkerUnregisterJob.h 949
ServiceWorkerUpdateJob.cpp The spec mandates slightly different behaviors for computing the scope prefix string in case a Service-Worker-Allowed header is specified versus when it's not available. With the header: "Set maxScopeString to "/" concatenated with the strings in maxScope's path (including empty strings), separated from each other by "/"." Without the header: "Set maxScopeString to "/" concatenated with the strings, except the last string that denotes the script's file name, in registration's registering script url's path (including empty strings), separated from each other by "/"." In simpler terms, if the header is not present, we should only use the "directory" part of the pathname, and otherwise the entire pathname should be used. ScopeStringPrefixMode allows the caller to specify the desired behavior. 17899
ServiceWorkerUpdateJob.h 3785
ServiceWorkerUtils.cpp 7451
ServiceWorkerUtils.h 2190