Name Description Size
AutoEntryScript.cpp 2523
AutoEntryScript.h A class that represents a new script entry point. |aReason| should be a statically-allocated C string naming the reason we're invoking JavaScript code: "setTimeout", "event", and so on. The devtools use these strings to label JS execution in timeline and profiling displays. 2889
ModuleLoader.cpp aCharsetForPreload 14197
ModuleLoader.h 2819 1210
nsIScriptElement.cpp 2990
nsIScriptElement.h Internal interface implemented by script elements 10119
nsIScriptLoaderObserver.idl The script is available for evaluation. For inline scripts, this method will be called synchronously. For externally loaded scripts, this method will be called when the load completes. @param aResult A result code representing the result of loading a script. If this is a failure code, script evaluation will not occur. @param aElement The element being processed. @param aIsInline Is this an inline classic script (as opposed to an externally loaded classic script or module script)? @param aURI What is the URI of the script (the document URI if it is inline). @param aLineNo At what line does the script appear (generally 1 if it is a loaded script). 1925
ScriptCompression.cpp ScriptBytecodeDataLayout ScriptBytecodeDataLayout provides accessors to maintain the correct data layout of the ScriptLoadRequest's script bytecode buffer. 6497
ScriptCompression.h Compress the bytecode stored in a buffer. All data before the bytecode is copied into the output buffer without modification. @param aBytecodeBuf buffer containing the uncompressed bytecode @param aBytecodeOffset offset of the bytecode in the buffer @param aCompressedBytecodeBufOut buffer to store the compressed bytecode in 1646
ScriptDecoding.h Script decoding templates for processing byte data as UTF-8 or UTF-16. 3376
ScriptElement.cpp virtual 7792
ScriptElement.h Baseclass useful for script elements (such as <xhtml:script> and <svg:script>). Currently the class assumes that only the 'src' attribute and the children of the class affect what script to execute. 1614
ScriptLoadContext.cpp 6267
ScriptLoadContext.h DOM specific ScriptLoadContext. ScriptLoadContexts augment the loading of a ScriptLoadRequest. They describe how a ScriptLoadRequests loading and evaluation needs to be augmented, based on the information provided by the loading context. In the case of the DOM, the ScriptLoadContext is used to identify how a script should be loaded according to information found in the HTML document into which it will be loaded. The following fields describe how the ScriptLoadRequest will be loaded. * mScriptMode stores the mode (Async, Sync, Deferred), and preload, which allows the ScriptLoader to decide if the script should be pushed offThread, or if the preloaded request should be used. * mScriptFromHead Set when the script tag is in the head, and should be treated as a blocking script * mIsInline Set for scripts whose bodies are inline in the html. In this case, the script does not need to be fetched first. * mIsXSLT Set if we are in an XSLT request. * mIsPreload Set for scripts that are preloaded in a <link rel="preload" as="script"> or <link rel="modulepreload"> element. In addition to describing how the ScriptLoadRequest will be loaded by the DOM ScriptLoader, the ScriptLoadContext contains fields that facilitate those custom behaviors, including support for offthread parsing and preload element specific controls. 8935
ScriptLoader.cpp 145931
ScriptLoader.h Called when the document that owns this script loader changes global. The argument is null when the document is detached from a window. 28183
ScriptLoadHandler.cpp 16112
ScriptLoadHandler.h A class that handles loading and evaluation of <script> elements. 4273
ScriptSettings.cpp 23862
ScriptSettings.h Utilities for managing the script settings object stack defined in webapps 15814
ScriptTrace.h 2188
ShadowRealmGlobalScope.cpp 4180
ShadowRealmGlobalScope.h 1b0a59dd-c1cb-429a-bb90-cea17994dba2 3311