Name Description Size
components.conf 748 932
nsIDOMWakeLockListener.idl The callback will be called when a lock topic changes its lock state. Possible states are: - "unlocked" - nobody holds the wake lock. - "locked-foreground" - at least one window holds the wake lock, and it is visible. - "locked-background" - at least one window holds the wake lock, but all of them are hidden. @param aTopic The resource name related to the wake lock. @param aState The wake lock state 991
nsIPowerManagerService.idl For use with non-content code. 1157
nsIWakeLock.idl 444
PowerManagerService.cpp static 3945
PowerManagerService.h 1738
WakeLock.cpp Null windows are allowed. A wake lock without associated window is always considered invisible. 4936
WakeLock.h 1897
WakeLockJS.cpp 9327
WakeLockJS.h Management class for wake locks held from client scripts. Instances of this class have two purposes: - Implement navigator.wakeLock.request which creates a WakeLockSentinel - Listen for state changes that require all WakeLockSentinel to be released The WakeLockSentinel objects are held in document.mActiveLocks. 2946
WakeLockSentinel.cpp 3282
WakeLockSentinel.h To avoid user fingerprinting, WakeLockJS::Request will provide a WakeLockSentinel even if the lock type is not applicable or cannot be obtained. But when releasing this sentinel, we have to know whether AcquireActualLock was called. 2140