Name Description Size
components.conf 748 802
nsIDOMWakeLockListener.idl The callback will be called when a lock topic changes its lock state. Possible states are: - "unlocked" - nobody holds the wake lock. - "locked-foreground" - at least one window holds the wake lock, and it is visible. - "locked-background" - at least one window holds the wake lock, but all of them are hidden. @param aTopic The resource name related to the wake lock. @param aState The wake lock state 991
nsIPowerManagerService.idl For use with non-content code. 1157
nsIWakeLock.idl 444
PowerManagerService.cpp static 3945
PowerManagerService.h 1738
WakeLock.cpp Null windows are allowed. A wake lock without associated window is always considered invisible. 6554
WakeLock.h 2306