Name Description Size
MidiPermissionStatus.cpp static 1152
MidiPermissionStatus.h 1031 747
PermissionObserver.cpp static 2856
PermissionObserver.h 1244
Permissions.cpp static 5586
Permissions.h 1596
PermissionStatus.cpp static 3777
PermissionStatus.h This method returns the internal permission type, which should be equal to the permission name for all but the MIDI permission because of the SysEx support: internally, we have both "midi" and "midi-sysex" permission types but we only have a "midi" (public) permission name. Note: the `MidiPermissionDescriptor` descriptor has an optional `sysex` boolean, which is used to determine whether to return "midi" or "midi-sysex" for the MIDI permission. 2168
PermissionUtils.cpp 2087
PermissionUtils.h Returns the permission name given a permission type. Note: the "midi" permission is implemented with two internal permissions ("midi" and "midi-sysex"). For this reason, when we pass "midi-sysex" to this function, it unconditionally returns the "midi" permission name, because that's the only public permission name. 1132