Name Description Size
EventCounts.cpp 2561
EventCounts.h 1017
LargestContentfulPaint.cpp static 19086
LargestContentfulPaint.h 7234
metrics.yaml 1207 1839
Performance.cpp static 38558
Performance.h 8765
PerformanceEntry.cpp 1758
PerformanceEntry.h mozilla_dom_PerformanceEntry_h___ 3083
PerformanceEventTiming.cpp 6766
PerformanceEventTiming.h 4418
PerformanceMainThread.cpp 25218
PerformanceMainThread.h 8515
PerformanceMark.cpp 5224
PerformanceMark.h mozilla_dom_performancemark_h___ 2455
PerformanceMeasure.cpp 2665
PerformanceMeasure.h mozilla_dom_performancemeasure_h___ 1709
PerformanceNavigation.cpp 1157
PerformanceNavigation.h 1570
PerformanceNavigationTiming.cpp Per Navigation Timing Level 2, the value is 0 if a. there is no previous document or b. the same-origin-check fails. The same-origin-check is defined as: 1. If the previous document exists and its origin is not same origin as the current document's origin, return "fail". 2. Let request be the current document's request. 3. If request's redirect count is not zero, and all of request's HTTP redirects have the same origin as the current document, return "pass". 4. Otherwise, return "fail". 5455
PerformanceNavigationTiming.h For use with the WebIDL Func attribute to determine whether window.PerformanceNavigationTiming is exposed. 3179
PerformanceObserver.cpp Keep this list in alphabetical order. 12230
PerformanceObserver.h This is also known as registered, in the spec. 2746
PerformanceObserverEntryList.cpp 3415
PerformanceObserverEntryList.h 1909
PerformancePaintTiming.cpp 2108
PerformancePaintTiming.h mozilla_dom_PerformanacePaintTiming_h___ 1714
PerformanceResourceTiming.cpp 5077
PerformanceResourceTiming.h aEnsureSameOriginAndIgnoreTAO 6526
PerformanceServerTiming.cpp 1929
PerformanceServerTiming.h 1555
PerformanceService.cpp static 1289
PerformanceService.h 1301
PerformanceStorage.h 1043
PerformanceStorageWorker.cpp static 5540
PerformanceStorageWorker.h 1498
PerformanceTiming.cpp static 24901
PerformanceTiming.h @param aStamp The TimeStamp recorded for a specific event. This TimeStamp can be null. @return the duration of an event with a given TimeStamp, relative to the navigationStart TimeStamp (the moment the user landed on the page), if the given TimeStamp is valid. Otherwise, it will return the FetchStart timing value. 21733
PerformanceTimingTypes.ipdlh 1317
PerformanceWorker.cpp 2163
PerformanceWorker.h 2741