Name Description Size
ImageObjectProcessor.sys.mjs ImageObjectProcessor Implementation of Image Object processing algorithms from: This is intended to be used in conjunction with ManifestProcessor.jsm Creates an object to process Image Objects as defined by the W3C specification. This is used to process things like the icon member and the splash_screen member. Usage: .process(aManifest, aBaseURL, aMemberName); 6694
Manifest.sys.mjs Manifest.jsm is the top level api for managing installed web applications It is used to trigger the installation of a web application via .install() and to access the manifest data (including icons). TODO: - Trigger appropriate app installed events 6914
ManifestFinder.sys.mjs Check from content process if DOM Window has a conforming manifest link relationship. @param aContent DOM Window to check. @return {Promise<Boolean>} 1796
ManifestIcons.sys.mjs 2730
ManifestObtainer.sys.mjs ManifestObtainer is an implementation of: Exposes 2 public method: .contentObtainManifest(aContent) - used in content process .browserObtainManifest(aBrowser) - used in browser/parent process both return a promise. If successful, you get back a manifest object. Import it with URL: 'chrome://global/content/manifestMessages.js' e10s IPC message from this components are handled by: dom/ipc/manifestMessages.js Which is injected into every browser instance via browser.js. 5398
ManifestProcessor.sys.mjs ManifestProcessor Implementation of processing algorithms from: Creates manifest processor that lets you process a JSON file or individual parts of a manifest object. A manifest is just a standard JS object that has been cleaned up. .process({jsonText,manifestURL,docURL}); Depends on ImageObjectProcessor to process things like icons and splash_screens. TODO: The constructor should accept the UA's supported orientations. TODO: The constructor should accept the UA's supported display modes. 10059 693
ValueExtractor.sys.mjs Helper functions extract values from manifest members and reports conformance errors. 3124