Name Description Size
ConstraintValidation.cpp 2966
ConstraintValidation.h The string representing the custom error. 1327
ElementInternals.cpp 1. Let element be this's target element. 2. If element is not a form-associated custom element, then throw a "NotSupportedError" DOMException. 15218
ElementInternals.h 7080
HTMLAllCollection.cpp 6185
HTMLAllCollection.h Returns the HTMLCollection for document.all[aID], or null if there isn't one. 2610
HTMLAnchorElement.cpp 7108
HTMLAnchorElement.h 6921
HTMLAreaElement.cpp 4360
HTMLAreaElement.h 5561
HTMLAudioElement.cpp ;q=0.9," "application/ogg;q=0.7," "video/*;q=0.6, 3504
HTMLAudioElement.h 1534
HTMLBodyElement.cpp 12661
HTMLBodyElement.h nothing; handled by the shim 4881
HTMLBRElement.cpp 2800
HTMLBRElement.h 2627
HTMLButtonElement.cpp 14250
HTMLButtonElement.h Called when an attribute is about to be changed 5257
HTMLCanvasElement.cpp 44026
HTMLCanvasElement.h FrameCaptureListener is used by captureStream() as a way of getting video frames from the canvas. On a refresh driver tick after something has been drawn to the canvas since the last such tick, all registered FrameCaptureListeners that report true for FrameCaptureRequested() will be given a copy of the just-painted canvas. All FrameCaptureListeners get the same copy. 14796
HTMLDataElement.cpp 954
HTMLDataElement.h 1196
HTMLDataListElement.cpp 1436
HTMLDataListElement.h HTMLDataListElement_h___ 1802
HTMLDetailsElement.cpp 4823
HTMLDetailsElement.h mozilla_dom_HTMLDetailsElement_h 2175
HTMLDialogElement.cpp aWithMouse 5838
HTMLDialogElement.h 2074
HTMLDivElement.cpp 2101
HTMLDivElement.h HTMLDivElement_h___ 1864
HTMLDNSPrefetch.cpp 20599
HTMLDNSPrefetch.h 4681
HTMLElement.cpp 13041
HTMLElement.h 2918
HTMLEmbedElement.cpp 9310
HTMLEmbedElement.h Calls LoadObject with the correct arguments to start the plugin load. 5454
HTMLFieldSetElement.cpp static 10893
HTMLFieldSetElement.h This method will update the fieldset's validity. This method has to be called by fieldset elements whenever their validity state or status regarding constraint validation changes. @note If an element becomes barred from constraint validation, it has to be considered as valid. @param aElementValidityState the new validity state of the element 4672
HTMLFontElement.cpp 3777
HTMLFontElement.h HTMLFontElement_h___ 2136
HTMLFormControlsCollection.cpp static 10886
HTMLFormControlsCollection.h Create a sorted list of form control elements. This list is sorted in document order and contains the controls in the mElements and mNotInElements list. This function does not add references to the elements. @param aControls The list of sorted controls[out]. @return NS_OK or NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY. 4425
HTMLFormElement.cpp 76105
HTMLFormElement.h Forget all information about the current submission (and the fact that we are currently submitting at all). 22993
HTMLFormSubmission.cpp @param aEncoding the character encoding of the form @param aMethod the method of the submit (either NS_FORM_METHOD_GET or NS_FORM_METHOD_POST). 29241
HTMLFormSubmission.h Class for form submissions; encompasses the function to call to submit as well as the form submission name/value pairs 9697
HTMLFormSubmissionConstants.h 1528
HTMLFrameElement.cpp 1986
HTMLFrameElement.h 3763
HTMLFrameSetElement.cpp The main goal here is to see whether the _number_ of rows or columns has changed. If it has, we need to reframe; otherwise we want to reflow. Ideally, the style hint would be changed back to reflow after the reframe has been performed. Unfortunately, however, the reframe will be performed by the call to MutationObservers::AttributeChanged, which occurs *after* AfterSetAttr is called, leaving us with no convenient way of changing the value back to reflow afterwards. However, MutationObservers::AttributeChanged is effectively the only consumer of this value, so as long as we always set the value correctly here, we should be fine. 11405
HTMLFrameSetElement.h The nsFramesetUnit enum is used to denote the type of each entry in the row or column spec. 5156
HTMLHeadingElement.cpp 2324
HTMLHeadingElement.h 2269
HTMLHRElement.cpp 7192
HTMLHRElement.h 2684
HTMLIFrameElement.cpp parse the feature policy attribute 10318
HTMLIFrameElement.h 8286
HTMLImageElement.cpp 50067
HTMLImageElement.h 17644
HTMLInputElement.cpp 244284
HTMLInputElement.h A class we use to create a singleton object that is used to keep track of the last directory from which the user has picked files (via <input type=file>) on a per-domain basis. The implementation uses nsIContentPrefService2/NS_CONTENT_PREF_SERVICE_CONTRACTID to store the last directory per-domain, and to ensure that whether the directories are persistently saved (saved across sessions) or not honors whether or not the page is being viewed in private browsing. 57017
HTMLLabelElement.cpp Implementation of HTML <label> elements. 9140
HTMLLabelElement.h Declaration of HTML <label> elements. 2331
HTMLLegendElement.cpp 4714
HTMLLegendElement.h Return the align value to use for the given fieldset writing-mode. (This method resolves Left/Right to the appropriate InlineStart/InlineEnd). @param aCBWM the fieldset writing-mode @note we only parse left/right/center, so this method returns Center, InlineStart or InlineEnd. 3149
HTMLLIElement.cpp 3632
HTMLLIElement.h 2058
HTMLLinkElement.cpp 22022
HTMLLinkElement.h 8015
HTMLMapElement.cpp 1475
HTMLMapElement.h 1348
HTMLMarqueeElement.cpp 6273
HTMLMarqueeElement.h HTMLMarqueeElement_h___ 4751
HTMLMediaElement.cpp 263921
HTMLMediaElement.h #define DEBUG_FRAME_RATE 1 70382
HTMLMenuElement.cpp 933
HTMLMenuElement.h 1298
HTMLMetaElement.cpp 6418
HTMLMetaElement.h 2843
HTMLMeterElement.cpp Value getters : const getters used by XPCOM methods and by IntrinsicState 7296
HTMLMeterElement.h @return the value 3119
HTMLModElement.cpp 948
HTMLModElement.h 1387
HTMLObjectElement.cpp 10832
HTMLObjectElement.h 8074
HTMLOptGroupElement.cpp The implementation of &lt;optgroup&gt; 4133
HTMLOptGroupElement.h Get the select content element that contains this option @param aSelectElement the select element [OUT] 2450
HTMLOptionElement.cpp Implementation of &lt;option&gt; 11184
HTMLOptionElement.h This callback is called by an optgroup on all its option elements whenever its disabled state is changed so that option elements can know their disabled state might have changed. 4497
HTMLOptionsCollection.cpp 6614
HTMLOptionsCollection.h The collection of options in the select (what you get back when you do select.options in DOM) 4882
HTMLOutputElement.cpp 5332
HTMLOutputElement.h 3463
HTMLParagraphElement.cpp 2223
HTMLParagraphElement.h 1980
HTMLPictureElement.cpp 3016
HTMLPictureElement.h 1356
HTMLPreElement.cpp 2630
HTMLPreElement.h 1873
HTMLProgressElement.cpp 2998
HTMLProgressElement.h 1861
HTMLScriptElement.cpp 8924
HTMLScriptElement.h 5464
HTMLSelectElement.cpp 53282
HTMLSelectElement.h @param aSelect The select element which option list is being mutated. Can be null. @param aParent The content object which is being mutated. @param aKid If not null, a new child element is being inserted to aParent. Otherwise a child element will be removed. @param aIndex The index of the content object in the parent. 19725
HTMLSharedElement.cpp 10532
HTMLSharedElement.h 4995
HTMLSharedListElement.cpp 5780
HTMLSharedListElement.h 2568
HTMLSlotElement.cpp Flatten assigned nodes given a slot, as in: 12363
HTMLSlotElement.h 2989
HTMLSourceElement.cpp static 8363
HTMLSourceElement.h 5339
HTMLSpanElement.cpp 898
HTMLSpanElement.h 984
HTMLStyleElement.cpp 6409
HTMLStyleElement.h Mark this style element with a devtools-specific principal that skips Content Security Policy unsafe-inline checks. This triggering principal will be overwritten by any callers that set textContent or innerHTML on this element. 3667
HTMLSummaryElement.cpp 3769
HTMLSummaryElement.h mozilla_dom_HTMLSummaryElement_h 1894
HTMLTableCaptionElement.cpp 2639
HTMLTableCaptionElement.h mozilla_dom_HTMLTableCaptionElement_h 1882
HTMLTableCellElement.cpp ignore these attributes, stored simply as strings abbr, axis, ch, headers 6917
HTMLTableCellElement.h mozilla_dom_HTMLTableCellElement_h 4963
HTMLTableColElement.cpp ignore these attributes, stored simply as strings ch 4070
HTMLTableColElement.h mozilla_dom_HTMLTableColElement_h 2825
HTMLTableElement.cpp ------------------------- TableRowsCollection --------------------------- 36371
HTMLTableElement.h 7129
HTMLTableRowElement.cpp 7427
HTMLTableRowElement.h mozilla_dom_HTMLTableRowElement_h 3369
HTMLTableSectionElement.cpp ignore these attributes, stored simply as strings ch 5684
HTMLTableSectionElement.h mozilla_dom_HTMLTableSectionElement_h 2952
HTMLTemplateElement.cpp 2140
HTMLTemplateElement.h 1371
HTMLTextAreaElement.cpp 37553
HTMLTextAreaElement.h Called when an attribute is about to be changed 15099
HTMLTimeElement.cpp 998
HTMLTimeElement.h 1249
HTMLTitleElement.cpp 2817
HTMLTitleElement.h 1773
HTMLTrackElement.cpp HTMLTrackElement 17532
HTMLTrackElement.h 4561
HTMLUnknownElement.cpp 925
HTMLUnknownElement.h mozilla_dom_HTMLUnknownElement_h 1501
HTMLVideoElement.cpp 22372
HTMLVideoElement.h We create video wakelock when the video is playing and release it when video pauses. Note, the actual platform wakelock will automatically be released when the page is in the background, so we don't need to check the video's visibility by ourselves. 6555
ImageDocument.cpp 26018
ImageDocument.h mozilla_dom_ImageDocument_h 4561
MediaDocument.cpp 13449
MediaDocument.h mozilla_dom_MediaDocument_h 4474
MediaError.cpp 2961
MediaError.h 1363 6302
nsBrowserElement.cpp 1476
nsBrowserElement.h A helper class for browser-element frames 1569
nsDOMStringMap.cpp virtual 7895
nsDOMStringMap.h 2134
nsGenericHTMLElement.cpp 121938
nsGenericHTMLElement.h A common superclass for HTML elements 54430
nsGenericHTMLFrameElement.cpp 11663
nsGenericHTMLFrameElement.h A helper class for frame elements 5885
nsHTMLContentSink.cpp This file is near-OBSOLETE. It is used for about:blank only and for the HTML element factory. Don't bother adding new stuff in this file. 26985
nsHTMLDocument.cpp aConsiderForMemoryReporting 23812
nsHTMLDocument.h Called when form->BindToTree() is called so that document knows immediately when a form is added 7169
nsIConstraintValidation.cpp CanBubble 4696
nsIConstraintValidation.h This interface is for form elements implementing the validity constraint API. See: This interface has to be implemented by all elements implementing the API and only them. 3523
nsIFormControl.h Interface which all form controls (e.g. buttons, checkboxes, text, radio buttons, select, etc) implement in addition to their dom specific interface. 8977
nsIHTMLCollection.h An internal interface 2853
nsIRadioGroupContainer.h A container that has multiple radio groups in it, defined by name. 3627
nsIRadioVisitor.h This interface is used for the text control frame to store its value away into the content. 1777
nsRadioVisitor.cpp 1416
nsRadioVisitor.h nsRadioVisitor is the base class implementing nsIRadioVisitor and inherited by all radio visitors. 2810
PlayPromise.cpp static 2442
PlayPromise.h 1213
RadioNodeList.cpp virtual 1766
RadioNodeList.h 1569
TextControlElement.h This abstract class is used for the text control frame to get the editor and selection controller objects, and some helper properties. 7147
TextControlState.cpp TextControlElement *************************************************************************** 109287
TextControlState.h PasswordMaskData stores making information and necessary timer for `TextEditor` instances. 22504
TextInputListener.h aFrame is an optional pointer to our frame, if not passed the method will use mFrame to compute it lazily. 3412
TextTrackManager.cpp 30194
TextTrackManager.h Overview of WebVTT cuetext and anonymous content setup. WebVTT nodes are the parsed version of WebVTT cuetext. WebVTT cuetext is the portion of a WebVTT cue that specifies what the caption will actually show up as on screen. WebVTT cuetext can contain markup that loosely relates to HTML markup. It can contain tags like <b>, <u>, <i>, <c>, <v>, <ruby>, <rt>, <lang>, including timestamp tags. When the caption is ready to be displayed the WebVTT nodes are converted over to anonymous DOM content. <i>, <u>, <b>, <ruby>, and <rt> all become HTMLElements of their corresponding HTML markup tags. <c> and <v> are converted to <span> tags. Timestamp tags are converted to XML processing instructions. Additionally, all cuetext tags support specifying of classes. This takes the form of <foo.class.subclass>. These classes are then parsed and set as the anonymous content's class attribute. Rules on constructing DOM objects from WebVTT nodes can be found here Current rules are taken from revision on April 15, 2013. 6525
TimeRanges.cpp = 0 4756
TimeRanges.h 3378
ValidityState.cpp 1158
ValidityState.h Helper function to get a validity state from constraint validation instance. 2873
VideoDocument.cpp 5121