Name Description Size
Geolocation.cpp 36387
Geolocation.h Singleton that manages the geolocation provider 8228
GeolocationCoordinates.cpp 2717
GeolocationCoordinates.h mozilla_dom_GeolocationCoordinates_h 1606
GeolocationPosition.cpp 5976
GeolocationPosition.h Simple object that holds a single point in space. 2837
GeolocationPositionError.cpp 2127
GeolocationPositionError.h mozilla_dom_GeolocationPositionError_h 1634
MLSFallback.cpp 2082
MLSFallback.h This class wraps the NetworkGeolocationProvider in a delayed startup. It is for providing a fallback to MLS when: 1) using another provider as the primary provider, and 2) that primary provider may fail to return a result (i.e. the error returned is indeterminate, or no error callback occurs) The intent is that the primary provider is started, then MLSFallback is started with sufficient delay that the primary provider will respond first if successful (in the majority of cases). MLS has an average response of 3s, so with the 2s default delay, a response can be expected in 5s. Telemetry is recommended to monitor that the primary provider is responding first when expected to do so. 1674 1502
nsGeoPositionIPCSerialiser.h aLat 4054