Name Description Size
Directory.cpp static 5554
Directory.h Sets a semi-colon separated list of filters to filter-in or filter-out certain types of files when the contents of this directory are requested via a GetFilesAndDirectories() call. Currently supported keywords: * filter-out-sensitive This keyword filters out files or directories that we don't wish to make available to Web content because we are concerned that there is a risk that users may unwittingly give Web content access to them and suffer undesirable consequences. The details of what is filtered out can be found in GetDirectoryListingTask::Work. In future, we will likely support filtering based on filename extensions (for example, aFilters could be "*.jpg; *.jpeg; *.gif"), but that isn't supported yet. Once supported, files that don't match a specified extension (if any are specified) would be filtered out. This functionality would allow us to apply the 'accept' attribute from <input type=file directory accept="..."> to the results of a directory picker operation. 3789
FileSystemBase.cpp 3440
FileSystemBase.h Return the local root path of the FileSystem implementation. For OSFileSystem, this is equal to the path of the root Directory; For DeviceStorageFileSystem, this is the path of the SDCard, parent directory of the exposed root Directory (per type). 2602
FileSystemRequestParent.cpp 5507
FileSystemRequestParent.h 1184
FileSystemSecurity.cpp static 2872
FileSystemSecurity.h 1185
FileSystemTaskBase.cpp FileSystemTaskBase class 7273
FileSystemTaskBase.h 10513
FileSystemUtils.cpp static 2551
FileSystemUtils.h This class is for error handling. All methods in this class are static. 1524
GetDirectoryListingTask.cpp GetDirectoryListingTaskChild 11289
GetDirectoryListingTask.h 2882
GetFileOrDirectoryTask.cpp GetFileOrDirectoryTaskChild 7454
GetFileOrDirectoryTask.h 2504
GetFilesHelper.cpp 13760
GetFilesHelper.h 3920
GetFilesTask.cpp GetFilesTaskChild 7049
GetFilesTask.h 2848 1157
OSFileSystem.cpp OSFileSystemParent 2397
OSFileSystem.h 2964
PFileSystemParams.ipdlh 1383
PFileSystemRequest.ipdl 1547