Name Description Size 931
nsBaseCommandController.cpp ======================================================================= nsIController ======================================================================= 6485
nsBaseCommandController.h The default constructor initializes the instance with new nsControllerCommandTable. The other constructor does it with the given aControllerCommandTable. 2078
nsCommandManager.cpp 7866
nsCommandManager.h @param aWindow An window which is what this command manager lives on. 2138
nsCommandParams.cpp 8702
nsCommandParams.h 5022
nsControllerCommandTable.cpp 7377
nsControllerCommandTable.h 1772
nsICommandManager.idl nsICommandManager is an interface used to executing user-level commands, and getting the state of available commands. Commands are identified by strings, which are documented elsewhere. In addition, the list of required and optional parameters for each command, that are passed in via the nsICommandParams, are also documented elsewhere. (Where? Need a good location for this). 4300
nsICommandParams.idl nsICommandParams is used to pass parameters to commands executed via nsICommandManager, and to get command state. 2982
nsIControllerCommand.idl nsIControllerCommand A generic command interface. You can register an nsIControllerCommand with the nsIControllerCommandTable. 2001
nsIControllerCommandTable.idl nsIControllerCommandTable An interface via which a controller can maintain a series of commands, and efficiently dispatch commands to their respective handlers. Controllers that use an nsIControllerCommandTable should support nsIInterfaceRequestor, and be able to return an interface to their controller command table via getInterface(). 3470
nsIControllerContext.idl Set a context on this controller, which is passed to commands to give them some context when they execute. @param aCommandContext the context passed to commands. Note that this is *not* addreffed by the controller, and so needs to outlive it, or be nulled out. 914