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ChildSHistory.cpp 9350
ChildSHistory.h ChildSHistory represents a view of session history from a child process. It exposes getters for some cached history state, and mutators which are implemented by communicating with the actual history storage. NOTE: Currently session history is in transition, meaning that we're still using the legacy nsSHistory class internally. The API exposed from this class should be only the API which we expect to expose when this transition is complete, and special cases will need to call through the LegacySHistory() getters. 4999 886
nsIBFCacheEntry.idl This interface lets you evict a document from the back/forward cache. 576
nsISHEntry.idl The interface to nsISHentry. Each document or subframe in Session History will have a nsISHEntry associated with it which will hold all information required to recreate the document from history 16477
nsISHistory.idl An interface to the primary properties of the Session History component. In an embedded browser environment, the nsIWebBrowser object creates an instance of session history for each open window. A handle to the session history object can be obtained from nsIWebNavigation. In a non-embedded situation, the owner of the session history component must create a instance of it and set it in the nsIWebNavigation object. This interface is accessible from javascript. 10609
nsISHistoryListener.idl nsISHistoryListener defines the interface one can implement to receive notifications about activities in session history and (for reloads) to be able to cancel them. A session history listener will be notified when pages are added, removed and loaded from session history. In the case of reloads, it can prevent them from happening by returning false from the corresponding callback method. A session history listener can be registered on a particular nsISHistory instance via the nsISHistory::addSHistoryListener() method. Listener methods should not alter the session history. Things are likely to go haywire if they do. 3352
nsSHEntry.cpp 30443
nsSHEntry.h nsSHEntry_h 1840
nsSHEntryShared.cpp static 10992
nsSHEntryShared.h SHEntrySharedState holds shared state both in the child process and in the parent process. 7246
nsSHistory.cpp 80630
nsSHistory.h 14226
SessionHistoryEntry.cpp FIXME Is this correct? 58409
SessionHistoryEntry.h 16763