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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
include protocol PBrowser;
include DocAccessibleTypes;
include "mozilla/GfxMessageUtils.h";
using mozilla::LayoutDeviceIntRect from "Units.h";
using mozilla::LayoutDeviceIntPoint from "Units.h";
using mozilla::LayoutDeviceIntSize from "Units.h";
using mozilla::a11y::role from "mozilla/a11y/IPCTypes.h";
using mozilla::a11y::AccType from "mozilla/a11y/IPCTypes.h";
using mozilla::a11y::AccGenericType from "mozilla/a11y/IPCTypes.h";
[RefCounted] using mozilla::a11y::AccAttributes from "mozilla/a11y/IPCTypes.h";
using mozilla::a11y::CacheUpdateType from "mozilla/a11y/IPCTypes.h";
using mozilla::gfx::Matrix4x4 from "mozilla/gfx/Matrix.h";
namespace mozilla {
namespace a11y {
struct AccessibleData
uint64_t ID;
role Role;
uint64_t ParentID;
uint32_t IndexInParent;
AccType Type;
AccGenericType GenericTypes;
uint8_t RoleMapEntryIndex;
nullable AccAttributes CacheFields;
struct TextRangeData
uint64_t StartID;
uint64_t EndID;
int32_t StartOffset;
int32_t EndOffset;
[ManualDealloc, ChildImpl=virtual, ParentImpl=virtual]
protocol PDocAccessible
manager PBrowser;
async Shutdown();
* Notify the parent process the document in the child process is firing an
* event.
async Event(uint64_t aID, uint32_t type);
async ShowEvent(AccessibleData[] aNewTree, bool aEventSuppressed,
bool aComplete, bool aFromuser);
async HideEvent(uint64_t aRootID, bool aFromUser);
async StateChangeEvent(uint64_t aID, uint64_t aState, bool aEnabled);
async CaretMoveEvent(uint64_t aID,
LayoutDeviceIntRect aCaretRect,
int32_t aOffset,
bool aIsSelectionCollapsed, bool aIsAtEndOfLine,
int32_t aGranularity, bool aFromUser);
async TextChangeEvent(uint64_t aID, nsString aStr, int32_t aStart, uint32_t aLen,
bool aIsInsert, bool aFromUser);
async SelectionEvent(uint64_t aID, uint64_t aWidgetID, uint32_t aType);
async RoleChangedEvent(role aRole, uint8_t aRoleMapEntryIndex);
async FocusEvent(uint64_t aID, LayoutDeviceIntRect aCaretRect);
async ScrollingEvent(uint64_t aID, uint64_t aType,
uint32_t aScrollX, uint32_t aScrollY,
uint32_t aMaxScrollX, uint32_t aMaxScrollY);
#ifndef XP_WIN
async AnnouncementEvent(uint64_t aID,
nsString aAnnouncement,
uint16_t aPriority);
async TextSelectionChangeEvent(uint64_t aID, TextRangeData[] aSelection);
* Tell the parent document to bind the existing document as a new child
* document.
async BindChildDoc(PDocAccessible aChildDoc, uint64_t aID);
* Cache The World
async Cache(CacheUpdateType aUpdateType, CacheData[] aData);
* Lists of accessibles that either gained or lost a selected state.
async SelectedAccessiblesChanged(uint64_t[] aSelectedIDs, uint64_t[] aUnselectedIDs);
* Tell the parent process that the given Accessibles are about to be moved
* via subsequent hide and show events.
async AccessiblesWillMove(uint64_t[] aIDs);
async __delete__();
* Called as a result of focus shifting from chrome to content
* elements through keyboard navigation.
async RestoreFocus();
// LocalAccessible
async ScrollTo(uint64_t aID, uint32_t aScrollType);
async ScrollToPoint(uint64_t aID, uint32_t aScrollType, int32_t aX,
int32_t aY);
#ifndef XP_WIN
async Announce(uint64_t aID, nsString aAnnouncement, uint16_t aPriority);
// AccessibleText
async SetCaretOffset(uint64_t aID, int32_t aOffset);
async SetTextSelection(uint64_t aStartID, int32_t aStartOffset,
uint64_t aEndID, int32_t aEndOffset,
int32_t aSelectionNum);
async RemoveTextSelection(uint64_t aID, int32_t aSelectionNum);
async ScrollTextLeafRangeIntoView(uint64_t aStartID, int32_t aStartOffset,
uint64_t aEndID, int32_t aEndOffset,
uint32_t aScrollType);
async ScrollSubstringToPoint(uint64_t aID,
int32_t aStartOffset,
int32_t aEndOffset,
uint32_t aCoordinateType,
int32_t aX, int32_t aY);
async ReplaceText(uint64_t aID, nsString aText);
async InsertText(uint64_t aID, nsString aText, int32_t aPosition);
async CopyText(uint64_t aID, int32_t aStartPos, int32_t aEndPos);
async CutText(uint64_t aID, int32_t aStartPos, int32_t aEndPos);
async DeleteText(uint64_t aID, int32_t aStartPos, int32_t aEndPos);
async PasteText(uint64_t aID, int32_t aPosition);
async TakeSelection(uint64_t aID);
async SetSelected(uint64_t aID, bool aSelected);
async DoActionAsync(uint64_t aID, uint8_t aIndex);
async SetCurValue(uint64_t aID, double aValue);
async TakeFocus(uint64_t aID);
* Verify the cache. Used for testing purposes.
async VerifyCache(uint64_t aID, uint64_t aCacheDomain, nullable AccAttributes aFields);