Name Description Size
DocAccessibleChildBase.cpp static 9765
DocAccessibleChildBase.h Serializes a shown tree and sends it to the chrome process. 4183
DocAccessibleParent.cpp 46773
DocAccessibleParent.h These objects live in the main process and comunicate with and represent an accessible document in a content process. 14631
DocAccessibleTypes.ipdlh 515
IPCTypes.h Since IPDL does not support preprocessing, this header file allows us to define types used by PDocAccessible differently depending on platform. 6679 1821
RemoteAccessibleBase.cpp 65111
RemoteAccessibleBase.h The base type for an accessibility tree node that originated in the parent process. 16069
RemoteAccessibleShared.h These are function declarations shared between win/RemoteAccessible.h and other/RemoteAccessible.h. 6288